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Welcome to the Immaculata Symphony

a university-community organization

The Immaculata Symphony is an outstanding musical organization with a long and rich history. From the earliest days of the university’s founding in 1920, the department of music has included among its performing groups an orchestra which, over the years, has grown steadily from a fledgling group of chamber size to the large and highly respected symphonic ensemble it is today.

Continuing as an integral part of the department of music in fulfillment of its academic requirements, the Symphony is also supported by our Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of faculty members, student and community orchestra members. Its purpose is to help achieve the musical goals, prosperity and growth of the orchestra through fund-raising, audience development, and community service.

The Immaculata Symphony is always looking for new members. Auditions are held at the beginning of the fall and spring seasons. For further details click here.

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